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Duo Nikky Case, Mina sexy making of - Nikky Case, Mina - 2008-12-12

With a half-dozen sexy cards already in her collection, Nikky Case is becoming the number one fantasy girl of men everywhere. She?s paired in this amazing routine with her real life girlfriend Mina. When pretty girls work with their life-partners on stage the sparks always fly!


Carol G caressing and fingering very hot - Carol G - 2008-10-24

Let?s let you in on a bit of a secret. You?ll notice some girls are on Virtua Girl HD a lot more than others. A girl like Carol has already been featured in many scenes and has built up quite a collection. That?s because she is so easy to work with and so popular!


VirtuagirlHD - Zafira

Zafira nude photo shoot - Zafira - 2008-10-27

Long slender legs and sweet buttery thighs make Zafira a perfect specimen from the waist down. If you look at a lady?s legs first when you first meet her then Zafira is the model who will always keep you satisfied. Legs like long sweet luscious lollipops!


VirtuagirlHD - Vicky S Vicky S ultra hot strip show - making of - Vicky S - 2008-10-27

Ok, stop reading this. Seriously, you don?t need to read this at all. Just take a look at Vicky S. Even a quick glance at her gorgeous golden hair, her ripe melon sized tits and the way she always seems to be having the best time of her life is enough to make you one of her fans!
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